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SolCall is a Renewable Energy Consultancy firm gathering highly experienced engineers and a network of Qualified Local Partners. It specializes in hybrid systems with solar, wind, hydro and thermal engines generators for electricity production. It has an extensive background on Offgrid, Self-Consumption and Minigrids designs in the remotest areas.
Needs assessment and TOR Redacting
Due Dilligence and Comissionning


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SolCall will support you whether you are a...
Financial Institution, Bank, Insurance Company, Developer, Equity investor
Due Dilligence - Resources analysis - Loads analysis and energy need estimation - Energy efficiency optimization - Site surveys - System design & operation evaluation - Equipment Technical evaluation - Grid connection feasibility
EPC, Turn-Key equipment Manufacturer, Integrator, Installer
Market Development - Identification and evaluation of local partners - Export sales development - Financial partner identification - Project development - Sourcing, supplier evaluation, factory inspections
Government Agency or NGO
Technical Assistance - Tender specification writing - Preliminary study and needs assessments - Bids analysis - Project supervision and inspection - Conflict solving, technical judiciary expertise

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